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Post by ♥Johnny on 5th August 2015, 7:27 am

What exactly is this "Rise to the Divine Supreme"?

This event is a pretty lengthy one. Which could take place over the course of several days. Thanks to Koops with this wonderful idea I think you guys would love. Alright, let's begin.

First off, this event involves all 32 tracks of the game. The simple object of this froom, would be for ONE player to gain 1st place on every single track to be declared the winner. Sounds simple, right? Well it is...to a degree. The hard part is, being the first one to get 1st place on all tracks.

Here's how it will begin:

We will pretty much do an 8 GP froom featuring all the tracks in the game. As we go along, we will document who placed 1st on all the tracks. Each player will receive a player's card that will be visible here at the card hub. Each different track the player gets 1st place on, the track will be bestowed upon the player's card. As we go along, the player has a chance to fill their card until it is complete, thus declaring them the winner of the event. However, your opponents are doing the same. If any other player fills in their card first, they will win. There can be NO ties here, as only ONE person may get 1st in a race. Points do not matter here, just first place.

It is highly unlikely that this event will conclude in one day. Therefore, a continuation will most likely take place. Keep in mind, that any player NOT present for the first day of this event can still be eligible to participate. They will just have to start from scratch. It is also possible for a continuation to take place on an evening that someone who were present in the previous nights, may not be able to attend. That too, is ok...it would be wise to be mindful of dates and times that most, if not all participants can play.

Special Note:

This event is rare, and lengthy. Therefore, it will only be available on the seasonal breaks of the year. That which being: Summer Break for most (June - August) and Winter Break (December - January). As such, there will only be an event twice a year. Two King/Queens of Divine Intervention crowned per year. Prizes and recognition are still being discussed at this early stage of development.

First Day Of Competition:

To get this event started, we will have 8 GPs...going in order. From Luigi Circuit, all the way to N64 Bowser's Castle. To keep track of this first day easily, it is recommended that everyone be aware of the track selection screen, and choose accordingly so that we all can keep track of what is played and who gets 1st.

After the First Cycle:

After the first 8 GPs (all tracks picked), if the event is not over (and it more than likely shouldn't be unless Havoc lol) then track selection can be to the players' liking. Remember to try and pick tracks that you personally need to claim 1st in to make it easier. Once again, points are irrelevant here.

Well, that's everything. FIRST TO THE FINISH LINE WINS!

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