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Post by ♥Johnny on 15th October 2015, 2:35 am

⚜  Introduction  ⚜

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Divine family, what's good?! Welcome to (the brand new) Dueling Doubles League. We're probably going to shorten that to the DDL. This of course will be a seasonal 2v2 tournament spread out over a 15 week period. As with any event there are rules, or protocols, basically a general order of how things will be conducted. We will try our best to convey those regulations in this section of the forum. So without further ado, here we go!

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Post by ♥Johnny on 15th October 2015, 5:55 am

⚜  Order of Operations For The DDL  ⚜

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 Ok guys, this is pretty much how this thing will happen. When we begin, we'll allow you guys to choose your own partner with a few restrictions. This rule only applies to those we list in this post. We're sorry for the "discrimination" but we feel it's the best way to keep things as balanced as possible here. We'll explain that later, but as we continue...once your partner is chosen, you and your partner will then have the option to choose a team name and a tag to use. Be creative and fun with it, you can even draw, create or find your own logos for your team thread that will be assigned to you for record keeping and such. So a small recap of this paragraph:

Find a partner (mandatory)
Create a Team Name (mandatory)
Create a Team Tag (mandatory)
Create, Find, Draw a Team Logo (optional)

  ▶ Alright, to continue. Once that is all taken care of...the staff (Koops and I) will then create/generate every team's schedule of matches. There will be 12 matches per team, spread out over the course of 15 weeks (Only 12 matches because each team will get a bye for 3 weeks at random). (One match per weekend.) Depending on the amount of teams, if it's an odd number, that means a team or two will have a bye week throughout random portions of the season. Meaning, that team will not have to play a match while some others will. If everything is even...it will be smooth sailing without any byes. It's alright, we'll figure that out so you won't have to.

  During the season, your win-loss total will be updated...in which will be your team's record for the season. After all games have been played, we will then go into the final phase of the event: The Playoff tournament. As with many major sports tournaments, there are generally no records for the Playoffs. It is Sudden Death. What is Sudden Death? Sudden Death rules means the team who loses, will be eliminated...that's it.

Playoff time is usually intense and full of action. As common with many sports, the best teams are usually the ones competing for the ultimate prize. Due to that fact, playoff seeding is important. What's that? We'll explain. During the course of the season, your win-loss records will determine what "place" your team is amongst the others. The team with the best record is usually the best team, or...1st place, or 1st seed. The #1 team in layman's terms. The seeding continues until the last team (the team with the worst record) is seeded last. From that point on, the team with the best record will face the team with the worst record in the first round. It may seem unfair, but this is usually how it's done, and the reasoning is to get the most out of viewership (the audience) and have the stronger teams meet up for the ultimate battle for the prize in the end by giving them "easier" matches to start the playoff period. If there are uneven teams, the lower seeds will have a match to determine who will advance into the playoffs and play the top seed(s).

We will illustrate both points here:

▶ This is an example of an 8 team playoff bracket. All teams and records after 15 games

Team 1: 4-11 (7)
Team 2: 10-5 (3)
Team 3: 9-6 (4)
Team 4: 7-8 (5)
Team 5: 2-12 ( 8 )
Team 6: 15-0 (1)
Team 7: 11-4 (2)
Team 8: 6-9 (6)

Here's how the Playoff Bracket will end up looking here. Notice how the brackets are set up in correspondence to each team's ranking and their record? Alright, good.

Here is an example of an uneven amount of teams. In this case, we'll do 5 teams.

Team 1: 7-8 (4)
Team 2: 3-12 (5)
Team 3: 11-4 (2)
Team 4: 9-6 (3)
Team 5: 13-2 (1)

Here's how the Playoff Bracket will look here. Here, you see that the lowest seeds will have to play for the right to remain in the tournament to face the top seed. (As if it were an even amount of teams to begin with.) Unfortunately, the winner will indeed end up with an "extra" match if that team goes all the way to the finals. But that notwithstanding, that should illustrate how the playoff portion operates.

The winner will be the Champion. And then until next time! Pretty easy, right? Seems fun as well. That's the process of the whole thing! Now LET'S GET TO IT!

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