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Getting Started with the TTW Empty Getting Started with the TTW

Post by Red on 16th September 2012, 2:21 pm

Alright guys, as most of you probably know, a few problems came up and we couldn't start the TTW when and how we had originally planned. However, without further ado, we will now begin the TTW with a slightly different approach, and matches may now be played as soon as desired.

There is a new thread establishing the rules and guidelines for this event as well as the answers to some questions that were brought up recently by some of the members. You can view the thread here (or by clicking the "Rules" icon on the navigation bar for the website). One of the things you guys are probably the most curious about is how unowned tracks will be obtained by teams. That information can viewed here.
Please be sure that you and your partner are fully aware and understand the rules.

Also, as a side note, a good point was brought up last night that I would like to make clear for everyone.
And that is about how the day counts.
The day that the claim/challenge was made on, does not count towards the day count. For example, one rules states "Teams who are challenged have up to 3 days to accept from when the challenge was issued" that means that if a challenge was made on Sunday, Sunday does not count as one of those 3 days. Those 3 days will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday―not Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

As one little quick reminder to all the cup moderators, remember to check your track treads every once in a while at least. Thanks!

Sooo, I believe that's everything. So good luck everyone and have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

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